Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Solar Panel Installation

Domestic and Commercial

We’re helping our clients take control of their energy with a complete solution. Whilst others offering from our range of technologies ensure you are using energy efficiently. Our Solar installations provide you with the full cycle enabling you to generate as well as consume.

The Government has made a commitment towards net zero emissions by 2050. A huge part of achieving this goal is green energy generation via solar and battery storage.

Specialising in the Commercial Sectors

Why growing numbers of UK businesses are choosing solar:

  • - To mitigate the costs and risks associated with rising energy prices
  • - To fulfil corporate social responsibility
  • - To meet supply chain demands
  • - To provide energy security against costly power outages

Why invest in solar pv?

  • - Significantly reduce your electricity bills
  • - Provide energy security
  • - Minimal maintenance required
  • - Reduce your carbon footprint
  • - Decrease your dependency on the electricity grid
  • - Invest in the latest technology

Investment strategy

  • - Investment’s bespoke to all needs
  • - Fully funded packages available
  • - Possibly cash flow neutral from day 1
  • Your Energy on Demand

    Battery Storage

    Whilst your solar panels generate the majority of their energy in the day you may find that your highest energy demand is in the evening’s. Batteries store your energy and uses its reserves when you need it most, giving you greater control over the energy you generate.

    Energy Storage Solutions

    Why Smart Energy Projects is The Right choice

    Our smart energy services and battery storage solutions can help you optimise your energy usage even further, providing substantial savings while firmly establishing your green credentials to investors and customers with clean, self-generated energy.

    Free to Use

    Power generated is free to use on site & surplus power is exported to the grid

    Eco Friendly

    Reduce carbon emissions and visually demonstrate your green credentials to customers and suppliers

    Money Back

    Typically provides a project payback period of 48-72 months and investor funded systems are available

    Jag Solar Panels

    Jaguar Land Rover Engine Management Centre

    Case Study 1
    The system is 5.8mwp and covers 35,00m2 of Roof space. It has 21,000 275w panels and over 100 miles of supporting electrical cables. There are a 142 inverters, 34 G59 Panels and 34 distribution boards all mounted on the Framework installed at the same time as the Panels.

    Southwark Veolia

    Case Study 2
    The fully installed 2,500 panels will represent one of the largest solar power installations in the capital. They will almost completely cover the roof of the IWMF, occupying a space equivalent to four football pitches and generating around 674 MWh of energy every year. That’s enough energy to power 220 UK homes and a similar carbon saving to taking Southwark’s entire waste collection fleet off the road for six months. The installation was a challenge both structurally and in regards to health and safety. The roof is sloping and has numerous skylights running both vertically and horizontally across the roof.