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One of the most expensive costs to a Club, Pub or Restaurant is their Cellar Cooling and Refrigeration. The ‘Smart Energy Free Air Cellar System” is designed to cut your costs by managing your cellar ALL YEAR ROUND and slashing your costs.

With the ‘Smart Energy Free air cellar system” an external sensor detects when the ambient temperature is suitable (10 degs and below) automatically switching off the main cooler only leaving the internal condenser as normal and switching on the ‘Smart Energy Free air cellar system”. This then brings in the outside air only costing a staggering 2 pence per hour to run.

An average golf club can save £1,500 to £2,500 per year by simply using free air to cool their beer cellars, don’t continue to waste money in your cellar and join the ever growing number of golf clubs who are now using free air to save thousands…

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Smart Energy Free air cellar system

  • - Controlling the main cellar cooler by switching it off and on as required ALL YEAR ROUND
  • - Visual indicators showing the cellar condition
  • - Reducing the noise pollution especially at night
  • - Maintaining the beer temperature at 12 degrees and not the surrounding air temperature
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Air Conditioning R22 Gas and Cellar Cooling Phase Outs

A reliable and cost-effective cellar cooling system is a vital part of your business operations. Keeping your cellar at a consistent 12 degrees to ensure the drink quality of ales and beers remains optimal. Old and inefficient systems will not only cost you more in running costs but could impure the taste of ales and beers served.

Our services include the repair and maintenance of your current cellar cooling system, new installations, and advice on upgrades. You can book one of our experts for a free consultation and receive free advice on improving your running costs. New system installation come with a 3 year warranty including parts and labour.

We can also help and advise with obtaining grants and funding to swap out old R22 heating and cooling units to reduce your building’s carbon footprint to dramatically reduce costs all round.

Colleycroft Working Mens Club

Colleycroft Working Mens Club In Bedworth Are No Longer Having To Pay To Cool Their Beer All Year Round And Are Now Over £5,500 Better Off

Would It Benefit Your Club to Save Precious Money Each Month like Colleycroft Working Men’s Club have been?

Neil Pitham the Secretary asked Smart Energy to see if we could help the Club reduce their ever-expanding electricity bill. We explained to Neil after performing a Free Energy Management Survey at the Club that the best way to save on their electric spends would be to reduce the costs of running their expensive cellar cooler by cooling their beer using the cold air from outside when below 10 degrees day and night with our FREE AIR CELLAR SYSTEM. By having this system installed the club would no longer have to pay to cool their beer during the Autumn and Winter months therefore, saving hundreds of pounds each year on the Club’s electricity spends. Neil and His Committee thought this was a fantastic idea and had the Free Air Cellar System installed straight away and they have been saving £148.00 a month on the club’s electricity bills for the last 3 years now.

Neil stated that “any club wishing to save money each month like we have need to give Smart Energy a call and get a free survey done today".

Colleycroft Working Mens Club

Club’s who have recently stopped spending money to cool their cellars all year are now using FREE AIR from October to Late May and have been making very good savings.

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