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Smart Energy Projects was formed in 2013. We have helped numerous businesses across the UK in the Social, Leisure, Hospitality Commercial and Educational Sectors to significantly reduce their levels of energy consumption and generate huge amounts of renewable energy for their site to use for free.

With our Partners we can install Pure Air Covid Killer systems, install a new Solar PV system, provide swap outs of all old R22 Air-Conditioning and Cellar Cooling Units and we can offer the best advice for renewable efficient products to provide Free Cooling. With outstanding after-sales support, we take great care to ensure that we ultimately serve our client’s best interests rather than our own goals or bottom line.

Comprehensive Solutions

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Northamptonshire Business Green Grant Energy Funding

Save up to £5,000 on implementing Green Energy Solutions By Updating Your Old Heating and Cooling Systems and Cellar Refrigeration.
Are you a Club, or Commercial Business in need of Green Grant Funding to help replace old and expensive inefficient equipment? If so we at Smart Energy can help you access upto £5,000 to put towards your upgrade projects to reduce your carbon footprint and dramatically cut your energy bills down.

The Initial Consultation

FREE Cost Reduction Advice
We will advise on way’s in which to reduce your overall consumption on site to make saving’s on your gas and electric. From reducing costs on old R22 Climate Controlled Air-Conditioning Systems and Boilers through to Cellar Refrigeration we can advise how to save up to 55% on your building’s running costs. We can review all of your service and maintenance contracts to make sure your prices are competitive and explain how a full service and inspection of equipment is now vital to keep your systems running efficiently so they cost you less and to also prevent them from re-circulating viruses to other people. If you have the roof space for Solar PV we can advise how you can lower your electricity rates and generate your own income to create a health profit for years to come. We are C.I.B.S.E Patrons for Building and Ventilation Control and can advise on Air Quality Management to keep you safe at all times.

The Journey

Expert Installation & Maintenance
We start with a FREE comprehensive Energy Audit of your Organisation, creating and implementing an energy management plan which will aim to: • Reduce your carbon footprint • Improve the efficiency with which you use energy on various equipment on site • Help you generate your own energy where possible

The Result

Cost Saving & Energy Efficiency
With our proven track record we'll do our very best to: • Reduce your energy costs and usage • Provide an income through government green incentives if applicable • Improve your green credentials and carbon footprint • Save you money

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